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Located on the Palos Verdes Peninsula in the South Bay area of Los Angeles County, California, Palos Verdes Baptist Church is seeking a Senior Pastor! PVBC is a congregation of predominantly Asian American families that span generations and cultures. With a rich legacy of leadership and ministry, they are eager to expand their impact in the community. They are seeking a pastor-shepherd who will cast vision, establish strategy, and implement ministry initiatives that result in spiritual and numerical growth.

PVBC is a family of people whose lives have been changed by a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. By God's grace, as their lives change through spiritual growth, they want to be instrumental in changing the lives of others by introducing them to Christ and helping them to mature in their Christian walk.

This is an incredible opportunity for a highly relational leader with a God-sized vision for ministry to the next generation in the South Bay!


PVBC is an extraordinarily warm and inviting congregation that benefits from its desirable location and temperate climate near the ocean. The congregation is debt-free, fiscally healthy, and gives generously to ministry efforts locally, nationally, and abroad through missions work.

In the late 1970's a small group of believers in Christ began hosting monthly home Bible studies under the leadership provided by the Japanese Evangelical Missionary Society, a Japanese American parachurch organization of Los Angeles, CA. Over time, these members began to envision the formation of a church that could outreach to second, third, and fourth generation Japanese Americans as well as to Japanese nationals on the Palos Verdes Peninsula. As the group moved from meeting monthly to biweekly, a relationship with First Baptist Church of Palos Verdes was established where the Bible study group began to hold its meetings on First Baptist Church’s site. Weekly worship services began in 1985, and by 1986, Palos Verdes Baptist Church (PVBC) was incorporated as member of the American Baptist Churches of Los Angeles.

Through the years, with the changing demographics of the Palos Verdes Peninsula, PVBC grew from a predominantly Japanese American church to a multi-Asian church that includes American born and overseas born Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Southeast Asians, and Pacific Islanders. PVBC is also multi-racial with a number of blended and non-Asian families and individuals. They remain an English-speaking congregation and welcome people from all cultures.

PVBC believes that personal transformation best occurs in a redemptive community, a place where people, living in Christ-exalting love, in accord with the Scripture, and in the power of the Holy Spirit, can help change things in a person that simply cannot be changed on one’s own effort. The hallmark of their congregational community is the cross-generational, family atmosphere, the Ohana-Aloha (family-greetings) spirit of the Hawaiian Islands, where some of their congregants have family ties.

PVBC holds a complementarian view of leadership regarding the Senior Pastor role while promoting women and men equally for all other leadership roles. Currently both the Search Team Chair and the Deacon Board Moderator positions are held by strong godly women. PVBC is an American Baptist church, governed by the Pastor and the Deacon Board.



Through the power and gifting of the Holy Spirit, the pastor will be a Shepherd Leader who understands the nature of leading a smaller congregation while implementing growth strategies. The pastor will be a godly, prayerful, and highly relational man who preaches God’s Word passionately and has a gift of visionary leadership.


● Preaching on a regular schedule, providing the bulk of the pulpit ministry.

● Developing goals and strategies to ensure the successful implementation of vision and direction of the church in partnership with the Deacon Board.

● Reaching and engaging young families while nurturing the previous generation through relationship.

● Demonstrating a burden for prayer and leading the congregation in seeking God.

● Identifying and discipling emerging leaders.

● Providing, facilitating, and organizing pastoral care for all within the church.


● You are a people person. You prioritize people over progress through relationship and fellowship.

● You are a winsome and compelling communicator who teaches God’s Word for today’s world.

You are a leader who compels the best out of people while unifying them toward common goals.

● You are a leader who compels the best out of people while unifying them toward common goals.


● Demonstrates a clear testimony of FAITH and a PASSIONATE DEVOTION TO JESUS CHRIST.

● Exemplifies the biblical leadership qualities of an elder/overseer found in 1 Timothy 3:1-7, Titus 1:5-9, and 1 Peter 5:1-5.

● Is a family man who leads with love and transparency both in the pulpit and in person.

● Maintains strong devotional life of worship, prayer, and personal study of God’s Word.

● Possesses strong interpersonal skills, being able to relate to all age groups, relational and approachable in personality and demeanor.

● Agreement with PVBC’s Statement of Faith and Constitution.

● Graduate Degree in Theology (or equivalent) preferred, four-year degree required.

● 5+ years of pastoral leadership and preaching experience.


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Malcolm Schaad is leading the Palos Verdes Baptist Church, Senior Pastor search. For over 20 years, Malcolm has been serving the church in senior leader roles. He served as an Executive Pastor, Community Pastor, and Lead Pastor. During the last 5 years, he was part of the leadership team at Outreach, Inc. Malcolm’s experience in recruiting, marketing, and communications helps fuel his passion to fill high level leader roles within the local church and Christian organizations. Malcolm has been married to his wife, Rebecca, for 24 years. They have three wonderful kids, Emily, Andrew, Olivia and a spoiled Golden-doodle named Honey.

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