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Mosaic Health (formerly Mosaic Pregnancy & Health Centers), a multi-site resource for women located in the St Louis Metropolitan Area (Madison and St. Clair Counties in Southern Illinois), is searching for an Executive Director to lead this life-affirming enterprise in a promising and challenging new season. Founded in 1987, Mosaic offers a variety of no-cost services to help women navigate unplanned pregnancies. Mosaic is a ministry that represents the unconditional love of Christ and the outreach of His Church with practical care, emotional support, high integrity, and a message of hope.


The Position

The new Executive Director will begin by working closely with, and reporting to, the Founder and CEO of Mosaic. This unique arrangement is intended to set up the Executive Director for long-term success by offering a season of mentorship as a seamless transition into overall leadership when the Founder/CEO is fully retired. As the new Executive Director starts, the Founder/CEO moves immediately to part-time and gradually hands over the reins. The advantages of this overlap are many for Mosaic, as well as for the new Executive Director who benefits from the accumulated wisdom of 35 years, ongoing relationships with high-capacity givers, political savvy in a turbulent period, and the ability to grow into this multi-dimensional position. Orientation to the demands of leading a major pro-life effort in the state of Illinois will be crucial. The new leader must be a courageous warrior with a shepherding manner, demonstrate discernment, have organizational aptitude that inspires confidence, is a capable problem solver, with the faith and stamina to persevere under pressure.

Please refer to the Opportunity Profile for a full description of the qualifications and expectations of the position.

The Community

Mosaic Health serves the Greater St. Louis area from across the Mississippi River with brick-and-mortar

sites in predominantly blue-collar Granite City and Fairview Heights, IL.

The state of Illinois is prepared to receive thousands of women traveling to procure abortions if/when Roe is overturned. Mosaic anticipates helping many abortion-minded women who are drawn by the free services and exceptional compassion that their centers offer. Both centers are planning to increase their capacity in response to the urgency of the challenge.

Please refer to the Opportunity Profile for a full description of the Community.


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Doug Stevens has served as a senior pastor and a youth pastor in the San Francisco Bay Area, and seven times as a transitional pastor in California, Arizona, Kansas and Texas. He has led two parachurch ministries that provide coaching and consulting to churches in different denominations and cultural settings, as well as to non-profits, schools and businesses across the country. Doug is a graduate of Cal Berkeley and Fuller Seminary, and has taught at the college and graduate levels. He now lives with his wife in Austin, and is blessed to have all of his adult children and grandchildren living nearby. Doug is committed to identifying and developing high-capacity leaders who are catalysts for ministry ventures in this challenging season. He is a people-lover, culture-watcher, mountain bike rider and world explorer.

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