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Richfield Community Church (RCC) is seeking a Pastor of Family and Children’s Ministries who is passionate about leading and building a community of Families and students to find more joy in Jesus than in anything or anyone else. With a rich, 55-year history, RCC is a healthy place today for both the 750 people who call RCC home and its 10 person staff. The right individual will build on positive existing foundations but will also bring their own ideas, vision, and energy to RCC’s children and family ministry. This role will allow someone to dive deeply into active, life-changing ministry and also experience significant growth of their own – both personally and professionally.

The Church

MISSION to encourage people to enjoy God together.


build joy-filled communities of faith whose very existence inspires individuals to live an abundant Christian life, made up of three key relationships: a deepening relationship with God, a life-changing relationship with other believers, an engaging relationship with those yet to believe.


Evangelical Free Church of Yorba Linda (EFCYL) grows up during the baby boom and the creation of suburban culture. As professionals and their families move to southern California, and as they migrate out of city, EFCYL benefits and grows. The area’s affluence and relaxed atmosphere, combined with the needs of growing families, creates a church body whose chief value is creating a place where believers can find a home and care for one another. That early church built the physical plant and grew to include about 250 families.


The pace of cultural and demographic change significantly affects EFCYL in the latter part of the 1980’s and early 1990’s. A church diagnostic during a pastoral transition in 1992 describes the church as “plain vanilla.” Seeking to create new vibrancy and spiritual growth, the church makes its first deliberate, albeit halting, attempts at organizational change. Spearheaded by a new senior pastor, significant experimentation is undertaken in 1993 and beyond with results that show growth and promise, but eventually leave many in the congregation empty and searching. For the three years prior to 2003, the dissonance within leadership and within the congregation grows. Ultimately, the senior pastor resigns, and an intense period of reflection and retooling is engaged at both the corporate and individual level. The church takes the experience and uses it as fuel for learning. Personal and corporate failures and successes coalesce to create significant organizational transformation. The result is Richfield Community Church.


RCC’s leaders, along with its present Senior Pastor, led the congregation through a deep look at the philosophy of ministry and direction of the church. The result: RCC has changed governance structures and brought new clarity to how successful ministry is defined and executed. With a solid vision and philosophy, RCC today continues to work to rebuild and engage its people around a shared vision of becoming the kind of people who joyfully, by their very nature, do the works of the Kingdom—for being a place where what God wants done is done.

The Position


OBJECTIVE: To nurture joy-filled families of faith where parents lead their spouses and their children by increasingly modeling the life infused with the joy Jesus brings to those who trust Him.


This position is responsible for creating and sustaining the environment where this objective can be achieved and observed including:

  • Building an interdependent community of adult leaders who freely and joyfully work toward accomplishment of the position objective.

  • Creating, executing and refining a strategy for focusing parents on Christ so their children have a real chance to adopt their parent’s faith because they cannot imagine anything that would give them more joy.

  • Helping parents realize the importance of strong families, modeling what that means and encouraging community and connections throughout the whole church.

  • Cultivating emerging leaders who work alongside lay and professional leaders.

  • Nurturing a community that is inclusive of families from varied backgrounds.

This position is part of the pastoral team and is accountable to the Senior Pastor with relationship to ministry direction and employment. The position is designed to support the achievement of RCC’s mission and vision. It is a peer to other pastoral staff members. The position may have subordinate paid pastoral staff or lay leaders for which it is accountable.


What might a candidate be doing now that indicate that this role might be a great fit?

  • Is in a church leadership position now, or recently, either lay or professionally – in a church community greater than 200 participating adults.

  • Is a capable teacher, comfortable one-on-one, in small interactive groups or large, sermon-like presentations with children and adults.

  • Has worked through evangelizing and discipling children. Realizes there is a problem with this approach. Can clearly articulate that problem. Has shaped a philosophy of ministry that, going forward, avoids the recurrence of the problem. Is devoted to making all experiences developmentally appropriate.

  • Can demonstrate, by anecdote and reference, solid one-on-one relational skills.

  • Is known as a leader and a learner by colleagues and co-workers.

  • Trains, equips and deploys leaders and has a track record to prove it.

  • Looking, but perhaps not yet wholly satisfied, to be a part of a pastoral team that will enable spiritual formation to occur at the level they believe is best.


  • Work, on average, forty hours per week to accomplish ministry objectives.

  • Holds a Bachelor’s degree. The preferred fields would be a degree in Education, Childhood Development or Children’s Ministry.

The Community


Yorba Linda is a town of 67,000 residents located in beautiful, northeast Orange County. Known as the “land of gracious living”, Yorba Linda has beautiful parks and over 100 miles of equestrian trails throughout the city. With multiple entertainment and recreational options, Yorba Linda is a great place to live, work, and play. Listed as one of the best places to live by CNN Money Magazine, Yorba Linda continues to attract new residents making it one of Orange County’s fastest growing communities.

North Orange County has a long standing reputation for excellence in education. The public and private schools in Yorba Linda and adjacent cities are strong evidence of the community's commitment to high standards and performance in all areas of education. Several outstanding public and private colleges and universities within a short drive of Yorba Linda also reinforce the priority of education in this community.

Yorba Linda residents are able to enjoy short drives to the beach, mountains, desert or downtown Los Angeles - and the experience of the many different faces of Southern California. Yorba Linda is the birthplace of Richard Nixon and is the site of the Nixon Presidential Library. And it’s only a short 20-minute drive to Disneyland!

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AGORA Search Group is a faith-based Colorado Springs search firm providing executive search and selection services to clients locally, nationally and internationally.

Founded in April 2000, AGORA offers a record of unmatched success in placing pastors, executives and senior-level leaders in churches and non-profit organizations. Recognizing that not every good leader is a good fit for every good organization, our aim is to serve as a catalyst for clarity, discernment and support in your search process. While AGORA is structured as for profit, it is driven by mission, resulting in a dynamic and agile approach to “business as ministry.” Additionally, AGORA tithes from its profits to ministries that support the Church and its mission.

Ted Miller is leading this search on behalf of Richfield Community Church and The AGORA Search Group. Ted has a successful track record of pastoral leadership, non-profit consulting, and recruitment. Ted looks forward to connecting with you to further discuss this opportunity, and help you discern if this position could be right for you.

For further details regarding this role, please contact:


AGORA Search Group

Senior Director of Ministry Relationships

719 219 0360 – office

405 432 3590 – cell

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