Executive Director - Faith Ascent

October 23, 2019


Faith Ascent Ministries, headquartered in beautiful St. Louis, Missouri, is seeking an Executive Director who is passionate about leading and growing a life changing apologetics ministry serving teens and their families.  The Faith Ascent Board and team envision a world where every college-bound Christian leaves home prepared with “good reasons” for the hope they have in Jesus (I Peter 3:15) and connects with a Christian community on their college campus.  The new Executive Director will provide strong leadership to enable Faith Ascent to expand its successful ministry in both current and new locations.








The ministry of Faith Ascent is designed to prepare students for the real challenges and opportunities they’re likely to encounter at the university level. Faith Ascent provides a number of seminars, small groups, and learning opportunities throughout the year including annual summer “Base Camp” experiences. Base Camp is typically five days and four nights of fun, fellowship, and intense preparation for college bound Christians. It provides a safe but challenging environment for young people to wrestle with the tough questions they are asking and being asked. Best practices suggest that Christian students are better prepared for a university setting after being exposed to a wide range of answers to a wide range of questions. Faith Ascent is built on the belief that “good questions deserve good answers.”



Is truth relative? Can something be true for me but not for you?

Does science contradict or complement Christianity’s creation account?

Is the Bible reliable and trustworthy? How do we know?

Is the historical Jesus the same as the Jesus of the New Testament?

Was the resurrection a real historical event? How do we know?

What exactly is the gospel? What are false gospels?

Are traditional Christian sexual ethics outdated and bigoted?

How do we love our LGBT friends and family without compromising the truth?

What do people of other religious faiths believe? How can we love them well?

What do atheists actually believe? How can we love them well?

What does evangelism look like in a postmodern & post-Christian culture?

What exactly are we saved for? What now?












Parents and Pastors Who Lead the Way.

As a supportive para-church ministry, Faith Ascent supplements the critical work of teaching, shepherding, and discipling done in churches and families.


Good Answers to Good Questions. 

In college, students are likely to encounter a multitude of objections to historic Christianity.  Early exposure to a wide range of Christian thought helps students to work out their own Christian convictions.  Students are better prepared for a university setting after being exposed to a wide range of answers to a wide range of questions.


Culture Makers Making Culture. 

All spheres of human activity rightly belong to God. This includes science, philosophy, psychology, history, sociology, economics, etc. Faith Ascent programs uniquely help young Christians to understand and value Christian contributions to culture and their own roles as culture makers.


A Community of Teachers and Scholars.  

Our staff, board, and speakers all adhere to the essential doctrines of historic Christianity.  The Faith Ascent team emphasizes sound Biblical hermeneutics, sound Biblical exegesis, and the centrality of Jesus to the Christian faith. 







The Executive Director of Faith Ascent is the ministry’s chief executive officer, overseeing all personnel, activities, and performance in pursuit of its life-changing mission. The Executive Director is responsible for providing executive leadership for the administration, programs, and strategic plan of the organization. Other key duties include fundraising, marketing, and community outreach. The Executive Director reports to the Faith Ascent Board of Directors.




Primary Responsibilities


Mission and Vision


Collaborate regularly with the Board in evaluating growth opportunities

Lead staff and volunteers in embracing and expanding the vision

Create and implement strategic plans

Develop opportunities in new locations, new programs, and through new media



General Management


Direct tactical means for implementation of strategic plans

Supervise and direct ministry staff

Direct and manage ministry programs and activities

Oversee the marketing and promotion of the ministry and its programs

Report to the Board the state of ministry operations


Financial Performance


Maintain the fiscal integrity of the ministry, including preparation and oversight of an annual budget and monthly financial statements

Provide fiscal management within budgetary guidelines, with priorities on efficiency and stability

Lead the ministry’s fundraising efforts to support its mission







  • A passionate and authentic Christ follower

  • A commitment to and familiarity with Christian apologetics and youth-oriented ministry

  • A demonstrated life of transparency, integrity, and ethics

  • A self-starter, driven to complete their work with excellence

  • A confident and collaborative leader

  • Effective public speaker

  • An ability to interface and engage diverse volunteer and donor groups




Background Profile


  • Nonprofit management or similar professional experience

  • Minimum Bachelor’s degree; Masters preferred

  • Financial and budget management skills

  • Strong organizational abilities including planning and decision-making

  • Effective communication skills and ability to convey a strategic vision

  • Knowledge of fundraising strategies and donor relations

  • Demonstrated ability to oversee and collaborate with staff







Saint Louis, Missouri 



St. Louis is a big city with the convenience and sense of connectedness of a smaller one.  St. Louis is a community with a remarkably low cost of living for all the comforts and attractions it affords.  Visiting the city's nationally acclaimed Zoo, Art Museum, History Museum, and Science Center costs nothing (thanks to the taxpayers and philanthropists).  Not only is the price right - you can get there. St. Louis is a "20-minute city," where most of the attractions are within a reasonable distance from most of the people.  Greater St. Louis has been consistently below the national average commute time to work.  Availability and accessibility are characteristics of the region in general. 


St. Louis is open, in the broadest sense of the word. Whatever role you want to play here -- in civic affairs or any other aspect of life -- you'll get a friendly, appreciative welcome. Overall, St. Louis has a sanity about it that's increasingly difficult to find. St. Louis has a balance and degree of comfort that are exceptional among cities that also offer the kind of world-class assets this community features. There is a sense of community, a connectedness among its people, which arises from its Midwestern personality, manageable scale, and deep history. Perhaps that’s why St. Louis is consistently ranked among the most philanthropic cities in the country: People care about one another and their community.  







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Mark Johnson is leading this search on behalf of the AGORA team. Mark has a long history of working with churches and ministries – most notably during his 18 years at Evangelical Christian Credit Union as Executive Vice President – working closely with churches and ministries and their leadership teams across the country.


for further details regarding this role, please contact:


Mark Johnson

Senior Vice President








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